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Ranch "Noteckie"

Presently our ecological breeding sells fallow deer and their antlers and hides.


We can deliver with our own transport animals bought at our breeding ranch.

The most modern and one of the biggest fallow deer breedings in Europe

Noteckie Ranch

Noteckie Ranch - owner the golden honourable medal VERBA DOCENT-EXEMPLA TRAHUNTNoteckie Ranch in media


Our breeding is the most modern and one of the biggest fallow deer breedings in Europe. Our family got interested in game animals a few years ago, when we started to observe other breeding ranches. We visited several such breeding farms in Poland and abroad. We were truly fascinated by these animals...

Prizes and Achievements

We have thought of a quality of production since the very beginning of existence. Our efforts have been appreciated many times, hence we can share with you a lot of prizes in various categories. First of all we are proud of...

Media about us

The interests in fallow deer breeding have been still more and more intensive. There are many questions that are answered during television interviews, in which we also take part. Some information was given in newspapers...


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